Gallery of the GFM Stage at Godney

What an amazing day we had at the Godney gathering and the GFM stage rocked. Just pure quality all the way from 3pm until 10.30 and as soon as a band came on the tent filled up. Here are some pics.

Don’t do Tuesdays opened up with their singer Stefano making a brilliant late entrance.

tuesdays god 1 tuesdays god 2

Next up were Swampgrass with our own Brad Lister.

swamp god 1 swamp god 2

My Story then rocked the place

my story god1 my story god2

Mr Keep Calm and the Cancelled Cheques then entertained us. I haven’t any gig pics so here they are being daft in the GFM tent.

mr keep god 1

Finches Fly then showed their youthful zest

Finches godney Finches godney 2

Then Minor Works Unit played their off the wall set

Minor Godney

Marsh Fires oozed quality

marsh fires god 1 marsh fires god2

Missart polished off the night and flowed through their performance

missart god 1 missart god2

Avalon Marshes Special.

GFM Coverage of the Avalon Marshes Open Day. The event comprises a wide range of activities and events which reflect the wonderful and varied wildlife, history, archaeology, produce and landscape of this area. The festival provides a brilliant taster for the area, which has a huge amount to offer people of all ages. Being largely flat, it is a fantastic area to explore on foot or by bike and there are lots of attractions and places to eat and drink where you will receive a warm welcome.

avalon marshes

Interview and session with Reef prior to Godney Gathering

Godney Gathering was on Saturday 19th July.  Prior to the event the local headliners Reef came in for a session on Thursday Live. We also spoke to Mike and Sue Daniells the organisers of  TheGodney Gathering.


Cracking show with Gary and Jack from Reef and the StringerBessant band who played a set with Give Me the Keys from the SB band and Mellow and Summers in Bloom by Reef. We had a lovely chat and when I dragged Mike Daniels finally away from gassing with them he came on with Sue to chat with us about the Godney Gathering which Reef  headlined.




New Telephone Number

GFM will shortly be moving into the new studio to that effect we have had a new telephone line installed with a new telephone number.  The number is 01458 899811.  At the moment there is no answer phone service to this line, so if we are not in the studio please ring again later.

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