That’s the view of Worthy FM’s manager and licence holder Joanne Schofield, who was appointed a director of GFM in October.
“Running the festival radio is hard work,” she says. “There is a team of ten regulars but we have to train 20 new volunteers each year.”
Joanne has trained radio skills in all sorts of places, including Eastwood Park prison in South Gloucestershire, but thinks training will be easier at GFM.
“GFM is a well established station,” she says, “but I want to help more people in the community to make their own programmes so they can share what they do.
“Having a local radio station at your disposal offers huge opportunities to learn new skills and the chance to be creative.”
Joanne did a diploma in print and radio journalism and says: “I love radio more, but print journalism is important because it allows us to keep in touch with community news.”
Her radio career started with the Star commercial station in Bristol, then Joanne secured the licence for BCFM, the community radio station in Bristol, ten years ago and became their programme manager.
Now she is bringing her talents, experience and passion for radio to GFM.
GFM broadcasts on 107.1 FM and online.

Philip Welch